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The Remedy NT (2nd Edition with over 1,000 edits) is an enhanced, modern English paraphrase of the New Testament that is now available for purchase at Amazon (USA only). We are also offering BULK purchases by the case of 24 book via the order button below. Again, USA shipping only... no international orders at this time.

Android and iOS mobile apps will be available soon on their respective app stores for $1.99., The free 1st Edition app is no longer being offered or supported.

Alternatively, our 1st Edition web version (menu above) is still freely readable.

English - Paperback Order this on
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To order this soft cover book BY THE CASE, click the order button below. We are making these available at a substantial discount of $10/book and $20 shipping within the USA only, bringing the total to $260.00 per case of 24 books.  After submitting the order form, our Director will contact you to arrange payment.

The Mobile App Features:

  • Touch a verse and a blue button pops up at the bottom right corner of the screen. Touch the button to see a list of the following options you can do with a verse:
    • Share the text via SMS text, email, social networks, etc.
    • Add a note to the verse. If a note is added to a verse a yellow note pad icon will appear next to the verse. You can see a list of your verses with notes under the Notes menu at the bottom (2nd button from the right). You can also delete your notes by opening up the specific note and touching the Delete button at the top or you can edit your note too and touch the Save button to save the changes. You can search your notes’ text too by using the top search field on the notes screen.
    • Bookmark the verse as a favorite. A red bookmark ribbon will appear next to the verse. You can access your bookmarked verses under the bookmark menu at the bottom of the screen (2nd button from the left). On iOS you can delete your bookmarks here why swiping left on a line in the list of bookmarked verses.
    • Copy the verse’ text to your clipboard.
    • Highlight the verse in different colors or delete the highlight by selecting the red X.
  • You can select multiple verses too by touching different ones and then touching the blue options button to see a list of options you can do with the list of verses you selected.
  • You can unselect a verse by touching it again and it will then become unselected.
  • Use the left and right arrows buttons at the bottom menu to go from chapter to chapter.
  • To search the Bible you can use the top right icon that brings up the search screen.
  • To see a list of settings for the app you can touch the gear icon on the top left. It will take you to the search screen which will let you change font size, turn on and off red letters for Christ’s words, turn on and off nighttime reading mode (dark background), turn on and off paragraphs by showing 1 verse per line and turn on and off justified text. You can also share the app with friends via email, SMS text, social networks, etc. The Android version has a few more settings options too.
  • To go to a specific Bible reference touch the middle top menu of the app where the Bible book and chapter name text is located. It will then bring up a screen of a list of Bible books where you can select a book and drill down to a chapter and verse.
  • When you exit the app the app will save the last chapter you were reading.


PromoSlide 500The FREEE Come And Reason Ministries Mobile App has had a huge facelift and is now available for iOS, Andriod, Windows Phone, and Kindle devices! Click on appropriate app store button below for your device.


  • Access select archived video, audio, and text media:
    • Share a webcast/podcast bible study lesson via SMS text, email, social networks, etc
    • Read PDF notes used in each bible study class lesson
    • Play a bible study class lesson MP3 audio in the background while using other parts of the app
  • Live, moderated chat room to ask questions during our live bible study class webcast.
    • Two rooms to chat in: Questions and Coversations
  • 50 last blog articles.
  • Detailed About information:
    • Interactive Google Map
    • Contact email and phone number
    • Buttons for Donations, E-Store, and website
  • Push Notifications (opt-in or out at first launch or via settings menu).

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The Journal of the Watcher titleFor all those clamoring for Dr. Jennings' newest publication, The Journal of the Watcher ebook, to be made available for PCs... your wait is over! It is now availble for $2.99 as a high-definition VIDEO for ANY computer running Windows and Apple iTunes software!!
  • For Apple Mac OS computers and mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, etc), it's available as an Apple eBook for $1.99 in the Apple iBook Store.
  • For Android mobile devices, it's available as an app for $1.99 in the Google Play Store!
Get all the links and details on the official The Journal of the Watcher website!

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Now Available!In this three-part, 2-disc seminar, recorded live March 2015, psychiatrist Dr. Tim Jennings explores why there is no statistical difference between Christian homes and non-Christian homes when it comes to domestic violence and other family issues and answers many other questions about God's character and methods by connecting Christians to life-transforming power and by identifying and removing an infection of thought that has taken root in Christianity that holds good people in bondage to fear, addictions, and cycles of violence. This seminar is designed to teach you to see God in a totally different way!…

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Now Available!A three-part, 2-disc seminar recorded live, November, 2013, in which Christian psychiatrist Dr. Tim Jennings explores how our brains are in a constant state of flux and how our view of God changes us, physically and spiritually. As you watch these professionally produced presentations you will discover how your beliefs change your brain wiring, your physical health, and how even certain genes are turned on and off.


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Now Available!Have you ever been hurt, lonely, depressed, frightened and hopeless? Or maybe you have found yourself feeling helpless, that gut wrenching helplessness when someone you care about is hurting, distressed and on the verge of giving up and you don’t know how to help them. Did you wish you had something to give them, something that would help?

Healing the Mind is six of Dr. Jennings' most important lectures, recorded live during a 2-day seminar.  The material is based on his book, "Could It Be This Simple" and totals almost 6 hours of professionally recorded video on 3 DVD discs.…

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CouldItBeThisSimple200x134Have you ever been hurt, lonely, depressed, frightened and hopeless? Or maybe you have found yourself feeling helpless, that gut wrenching helplessness when someone you care about is hurting, distressed and on the verge of giving up and you don’t know how to help them. Did you wish you had something to give them, something that would help?

Could It Be This Simple? A Biblical Model for Healing the Mind is a breakthrough in understanding the mind which provides real answers for regular people. It describes in simple language how our mental faculties are designed to work, what happens when they don’t and provides straightforward methods for reestablishing the mind in a healthy balance. The concepts described in this book have been successfully utilized in thousands of patients who have experienced more than just improvement in mood, but also recovery of their God-given dignity, autonomy and self-control. This book empowers readers to harness their mental powers to become thinkers, capable of discerning the healthy from the unhealthy, the right from the wrong, and to direct their lives into ever healthier levels of functioning. Within this book you will find:

  • An easy to understand model of the mind that will be a…

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