3rd Quarter 2017: The Gospel in Galatians

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What is it about Galatians that has made it such a backbone of the Protestant Reformation? Why has it been able to touch the hearts of so many, such as Luther? In a manner unlike any other book in the Bible, Galatians addresses a number of themes crucial to the Christian soul. It is in Galatians that Paul tackles issues such as freedom, the role of the law in salvation, our condition in Christ, and the nature of the Spirit-led life, as well as the age-old question: How can sinful humans be made right before a holy and just God? It was this question, perhaps more than any other, that spurred Luther on the track he started and from which he never turned back. Of course, other books, such as Romans, address some of these same questions, but Galatians is different. Not only is it more succinct, but its rich themes are written in a powerfully personal and impassioned pastoral tone, that even today, can’t help but touch hearts open to the Spirit of God.

This quarter’s Bible study guide invites us to journey with the apostle Paul as he pleads with the Galatians to remain true to Jesus. At the same time, it gives us a chance to reflect on our own understanding of the truths that opened the way for Luther’s inevitable break wih Rome and the restoration of the biblical gospel.

Carl Cosaert, PhD, is an associate professor of New Testament and early Christianity. He teaches at Walla Walla University, College Place, Washington.

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Lesson Title Webcast Video Audio Notes
1 - Paul:  Apostle to the Gentiles (July 1)
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2 - Paul’s Authority and Gospel (July 8)
3 - The Unity of the Gospel (July 15)
4 - Justification by Faith Alone (July 22)
5 - Old Testament Faith (July 29)
6 - The Priority of the Promise (Aug 5)
7 - The Road to Faith (Aug 12)
8 - From Slaves to Heirs (Aug 19)
9 - Paul’s Pastoral Appeal (Aug 26)
10 - The Two Covenants (Sept 2)
11 - Freedom in Christ (Sept 9)
12 - Living by the Spirit (Sept 16)
13 - The Gospel and the Church (Sept 23)
14 - Boasting in the Cross (Sept 30)