4th Quarter 2015: Jeremiah

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if ever one book of the Old Testament revealed the reality of God’s desire for humans to obey Him, and the human tendency not to, it would be the book of Jeremiah, the topic of this quarter. Set against the background of great geopolitical changes in the ancient Near East, the book of Jeremiah recounts the ministry and message of the prophet as he, with passion and faithfulness, preached God’s message to a people who, for the most part, didn’t want to hear it. Starting with the prophet’s call, the book takes us through decades of biblical history as the Lord used this young (and then old) man to proclaim the basic truths that have been the foundation of the biblical message from the beginning.

About the author: Imre Tokics, PhD, is the head of the Old Testament Department at the Adventist Theological College, Pecel, Hungary. He is a professor of Old Testament and Jewish religious sciences, and also has a doctor of law (LLD) degree.

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Lesson Title Webcast Video Audio Notes
1 - The Prophetic Calling of Jeremiah (Oct. 3)
YouTube MP3 PDF
2 - The Crisis (Within and Without) (Oct. 10) YouTube MP3 PDF
3 - The Last Five Kings of Israel (Oct. 17)
YouTube MP3 PDF
4 - Rebuke and Retribution (Oct. 24) YouTube MP3 PDF
5 - More Woes for the Prophet (Oct. 31) YouTube MP3 PDF
6 - Symbolic Acts (Nov. 7) YouTube MP3 PDF
7 - The Crisis Continues (Nov. 14) YouTube MP3 PDF
8 - Josiah’s Reforms (Nov. 21) YouTube MP3 PDF
9 - Jeremiah’s Yoke (Nov. 28) YouTube MP3 PDF
10 - The Destruction of Jerusalem (Dec. 5) YouTube MP3 PDF
11 - The Covenant (Dec. 12) YouTube MP3 PDF
12 - Back to Egypt (Dec. 19) YouTube MP3 PDF
13 - Lessons From Jeremiah (Dec. 26) YouTube MP3 PDF